Must Lnow Design Trends

A house is never truly a home until it has been designed to fit the personality and needs of everyone who resides in the property. Understanding the latest design trends is essential for creating a personalized space that is functional and attractive. Whether you are decorating a new home or staging one to sell, here are the must-know design trends that can be tailored to appeal to your aesthetics while maximizing the value of your investment.Urban Minimalist
The current trend toward urban downsizing has been carried into home design plans. Minimalist designs include hidden storage areas that can contain the clutter while maximizing useable space. Single-color schemes in earth shades are another hallmark of this trend. Furniture in an urban minimalist home should be selected
according to function, yet it will contribute to the overall effect through clean lines and modern styles.Multigenerational Functional
Today, several generations of a family are living together in a home. This has led to a new trend in design that aims to increase functionality for every member of the family without sacrificing on style. Curb-less showers, walk-in bathtubs and wallmounted sinks are a few of the features included in this design that can all be incorporated using modern materials that add to aesthetic appeal of the home.Modern American Rustic
Homeowners who prefer a more traditional look can take a cue from the past and include a few rustic accents to their decorating scheme. The modern American rustic design plan includes soft, neutral shades mixed with cobalt blue, sage green and pale yellow. The key to keeping this design scheme modern is to use the rustic accents to bring out the rest of the home’s features. For example, a natural hardwood dining table can be paired with unfinished metal chairs to create a look that seamlessly blends into a modern kitchen.Bohemian Eclectic
Self-expression is the primary theme in the bohemian eclectic design trend. Bold, jewel-tone colors, gilded frames and luxurious throws are a few key decorating pieces that can be used to create a unique look that shows off one’s individual style. Furniture should be lush, plentiful and comfortable, and it is fine to mix-and-match styles with this scheme. To keep the look from being too cluttered, use floating shelves and china cabinets to show off collectibles in pretty displays.

Homeowners today have an array of design trends available from which to choose to show off their personal style. Each of these trends aims to blend comfort with modern convenience while leaving plenty of room to let creativity reign. From rustic furniture to the seamless infusion of technology, modern home design is all about enhancing functionality while making a defined statement about everyone who makes the space their home.

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