What my clients say

Tanya was highly recommended to me by a good friend, and she did not disappoint. I echo all the positive reviews that she already has here (for good reason), but will give a quick recap of my experience with her....

I was a first time home buyer, that was very naive to the entire buying process. Tanya was fantastic about walking me through the entire process, and breaking things down into simple terms that I could understand and what I cared about (dollars and cents, and location). At the same time, I didn't really ever feel the pressure to fully understand all of the minor details that come along with buying (and into an HOA building particularly) because she was at each and every open house with us, and in just about all cases had already researched the building, HOAs, etc. She was great about pushing the selling agent and asking those "hard questions" that I wouldn't have ever known or thought to ask.

The first thing that Tanya did in our initial consultation was help me understand what was in budget, and what was out based on my personal finances. This came as a bit of a shocker to me, as I'd been researching places for about a year but hadn't fully appreciated the intricacies of TICs, financing requirements, and the like. Tanya's honesty and directness at this point set us up for success, cut through the bullshit, and is the reason that we ended up in the place that I ultimately purchased.

She took the time to get to know me and what was important in terms of buying a both for immediate use, and then 5 years down the line. In the end, I got the second place that we made an offer on (faaaar from an all cash offer that you're seeing all over SF these days), and in the middle of our first choice neighborhood (The Mission). There isn't anything about the purchase that I feel I've "conceded" on, which is refreshing considering the market and my budget.

Overall, I couldn't be happier with the experience I had with Tanya...you hear horror stories about people trying to buy places (particularly in SF) and I can truly say the experience was a pleasure. I have no question that I'll be ringing her when I start the process of my next purchase.

~ Joshua C.

As a first time homebuyer I had little knowledge of what was needed to buy a condo, let alone in this crazy SF market. The market moves fast, demands high risk decisions is full of droves of people all shopping the same short supply of inventory. From Day 1, Tanya walked me through the entire process, from comparable homes in the market, to sorting out what made the most sense for me, to putting in an offer within days of finding a place that I wanted. All in all, Tanya knew everything there was to know about the market and made it happen for me within weeks of beginning the process.

During the bidding process, Tanya was an aggressive advocate for me, but she was more than that. She checked in with me daily about contracts and decisions that needed to be made before, during and after escrow, ran through numbers to determine what made sense, got quotes from contractors and gave me unbiased analysis of different construction approaches I could take. Above all else, she was a pleasure to work with during a stressful time and I knew I was getting the best advice. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for success in this market.

~ Kate K.

Over the past several months, Tanya proved to us that she was the best realtor in SF for the SECOND time in 24 months.

After helping us buy a condo in Noe two years ago, my husband and I decided we wanted a slightly larger, single-family home. We called Tanya and within days she was forwarding us open houses. We could afford to be picky since we already had a place we loved, but Tanya was patient and worked with us over 3 months as we looked and declined to make an offer on 5, 10, 15 homes. One we had found the perfect place we were also hit by the sinking feeling of knowing it would go for 10-15% over asking. Tanya told us to put our best foot forward and that she would do the rest. Lo and behold, our offer was accepted. After that, she was not done - she managed the entire escrow process (including shielding us from the obnoxious seller's agent) and helped us find contractors to make some minor fixes to the new home. She also helped us prep prep our old condo for rent AND even drew up the lease for our new tenants.

Tanya is like an entire real estate and property management company all rolled into one person. You would be hard pressed to find a better person to help you find your dream home and shepherd you through the process.

~ Johanna C

Tanya was our buying agent, and we couldn't have been happier that she was working for us!

We were very impressed with the connections she had with the seller agents for multiple houses that we seriously thought about and ultimately it was her connections that helped us negotiate and get us our dream house in the neighborhood we wanted.

Throughout the entire process, Tanya was always ready and willing to answer questions and visit homes. In fact, there were times when she seemed more excited than we were to go look at open houses! She responds promptly to e-mails and phone calls, and works quickly to get things done when necessary.

Probably what we appreciated the most about having Tanya was her honest assessments of the houses that we visited with her. She has her own family, and sees things through the perspective of a mother, which we found very helpful. She gave us ideas of how we could make potential changes/updates to accommodate a family, and also had insight into different neighborhoods and locations.

Lastly, with her background in property management and construction, she also was able to point out any potential issues that could result in problems down the line. Not only that, but whether fixing the problems was a worthwhile endeavor or not. All in all, Tanya is the complete package as a real estate agent!

With friends looking for a house in SF for months to years, it is amazing that we were able to get our dream home with our first bid and the entire process from looking at homes to getting the keys to our new home was all completed in under 2 months! Thank you, Tanya!

~ Holly H.


Tanya is an incredible realtor. My husband and I found her through Yelp and we are so happy we did. I truly believe that we would not have secured our dream house had it not been for Tanya's expertise, advice and great connections.

We saw a home we liked the look of online. Tanya arranged for us to see it the following day (it was the first house we viewed) and showed us round before the open house started, so we really got a good feel for the place. We fell in love with it instantly but didn't think it was a possibility. Thanks to Tanya, we got the keys a mere three weeks later and still can't actually believe it.

Asides from her unquestionable knowledge of the real estate market, the things we loved best about Tanya were:

* We felt really looked after and in good hands.

* She did all the hard work. As first time buyers, we put our trust in her and she delivered every step of the way, guiding us swiftly along.

* We know we can contact her anytime in the future and she will help with recommendations if/when we need work done.

* She worked well with our mortgage broker and made sure everything flowed as it should.

* She has a great knowledge of construction/remodeling ideas and can advise on everything from putting in a half bath to how earthquake friendly the house you're viewing is. She's very candid when it comes to pointing out what updates you will need to make on a home.

* She is very personable and I hope we get to meet again.

My husband and I have no hesitation in recommending Tanya. If you're serious about buying a house, she's the person you need to see. We would love to use her as our selling agent when that day comes...

Thanks so much Tanya.


~ Jenny G.

Tanya was exceptional in handling my client's needs. He thought she was very well versed in the market and was an expert negotiator. I would highly recommend her to future clients.

~ Jordan V.

I just sold a house with Tanya....it went amazingly smooth and hassle-free.

I was living out of state when I needed to sell a home in the bay area (San Mateo). I wasn't sure who to use and went by the reviews I read on-line and was not disappointed. I was unable to be in the bay area for much of the time the house would be listed or even to make sure it was ready to list....NO problem...Tanya handled all of the repairs/improvement with people she is connected to and has obviously worked with a lot. All I had to do was approve the budget and write some checks. I received the pictures of the property on the listing agreement and it looked amazing! and the staging was perfect for attracting the type of customer that would want to buy this property. I was very happy with the process, the offers and how everything was handled.

~ Kristin S.

Out of all the agents in this city, I would without a doubt use Tanya Dzhibrailova again. Her knowledge and expertise is unmatched. She always has your best interests in mind and will do what it takes to get the job done. One of the nicest people I know. She really cares about you and will always give you the best advise.

~Lioness M.

Tanya is the best. Period. She has amazing connections, the deal went smooth and exactly as Tanya promised. We can't be happier! Should we ever buy again, we'll definitely go with Tanya.

~Juls S.

We just purchased a 3 bed house in Sunset, many thanks to Tanya. We are so thankful that we had her by our side. Having worked with a not-so-great agents in the past, we knew exactly what we were looking for in an agent and knew the importance of getting a good one. We wanted someone who was vastly experienced in the local housing market, patient, diligent, and communicative. On all these facets, we'd not hesitate to give her a 5/5. Not often you'll find someone who is willing to make phone calls for you and make things happen at 11pm, Tanya did, and she made a transaction happen that we thought was unlikely to go through. And yes, like others had mentioned here, she does have a guy or an army of guys for pretty much any household help or repairs that you might need. All in all, it was a smooth end-to-end house purchase and move-in process, thanks largely to Tanya. Highly recommended.

~Hari & Denise - October 29, 2013

We recently purchased a 2 bedroom condo in San Francisco and were so grateful to have Tanya and Danielle to help us with the process. Tanya has a wealth of information on the market and contacts all over the city. She was also very patient with new home buyer questions... and we had many! We always felt that she listened to our needs but also helped us understand the best trade offs to make in a crazy real estate city like San Francisco. Overall, we are thrilled with our new home and highly recommend Tanya to anyone looking to buy here.

~Chris B.

Tanya was fantastic to work with and we'd recommend her to anyone.We bought a 1 bedroom condo in Pacific Heights. We were first time home buyers and our budget was below the average for a 1 bedroom in SF, so I thought such a sought after agent wouldn't work with us. Boy was I wrong! From the moment we met with her she always listened, didn't try to talk us into anything we didn't want, but always gave her honest opinion as she advised us. She is extremely knowledgeable and could even point out stuff the seller's agent was doing wrong. We felt like she had our best interest at heart and was there day or night to email us things or chat on the phone. One big highlight with her was when she took care of me when I felt sick during one evening when we were looking at places. We were driving and she pulled to the side of the road and got water for me out of her trunk and blasted the ac for me. How kind! My husband and I hope to do business with her in the future.

~Stephanie C

Being first time buyers, we were unsure of a lot of what it takes to buy in SF. Tanya was excellent with understanding what we were looking for and communicating with us during the process. We were able to find our condo on the FIRST DAY we looked!
The rest of the process went very smooth. If I knew buying a home would have been this painless, we probably would have done it sooner! With Phillip Cannon as our mortgage broker, our team made it a great experience. Thank you!

~Ken H.

My Mom was moving to San Francisco to be closer to the family here in West Portal and needed help finding a place so I introduced her to Tanya. Mom was put at ease from the beginning (taking the stress off of me!) and really enjoyed looking at West Side neighborhoods like Forrest Hill Extension, Ingleside Terrace, and Balboa Terrace with Tanya. When it came to the closing Tanya made it as stress free as possible because she had all of her ducks in a row. Tanya is a powerhouse without losing her personable side and I highly recommend her. Thanks T.D.!

~Mark N.

In this crazy all-cash, multiple-offer, over-asking, waive-inspection, no-contingency, low-inventory, high-demand market, you need a broker like Tanya.

She knows the brokers, the market, the contractors, everyone. We enjoyed working with her and had success, and you will too. Recommended without hesitation.



~Jared & Jodi M.

Phenomenal service. After 5 years in the city, I knew what I wanted, but not how that translated into my budget and neighborhood. Tanya is extraordinarily knowledgeable. She knew neighborhoods and micro-neighborhoods, which features resell well, and which factors outside the house affect the price and value. She kept my desires and limitations in mind when recommending I look at certain listings. That helped me feel that I was making tradeoffs I was happy with, and ultimately finding a home that was great value in a great place and a good fit. She is frank, and direct but not pressuring. I highly recommend her.

~Michael K.

Tanya came highly recommended by us through friends whose inner circle of friends all used her and Tanya's partner, Danielle Lanzier, as their real estate agents. I could not have more trepidation entering the "Bay Area housing market of 2013" (yikes!) as a first time home owner but knew I was in good hands with Tanya.

This year's market was finicky - low interest rates, but super low inventory and buyers shelling out top dollars. In the beginning, it was a little rough adjusting to the fast paced market, but we got a hang of it through a lot of guidance from Tanya. Her years of experience and execution really paid off through this whole process as she advised us on whether a property was worth bidding on or not, properties that were a definite red flag, etc.

At open houses, she was very knowledgeable in pointing out what we should be looking for when looking at properties. Although while we met with her and Danielle initially and they informed us that they had access to pre-market listings they could share, unfortunately we didn't see a lot of that shared with us, but that could very well be due to the current crazy market and the lack of inventory.

After a couple months of searching, we found a place that we loved and placed our first bid...and won! Now, I'm not implying that that if you go with Tanya that you'll always win the first bid...but we think this is really where they excel - in putting together a solid, clean package. We really didn't feel like we overpaid (relative to the market - again, can I say 2013?) so we really trusted that Tanya and her experience to figure out options for an offer price we were comfortable with, and putting together the package.

As other reviewers have also mentioned, she has a multitude of references of contacts, whether you need some work done, painting, plumbing, locksmith, etc., so she has been helping us getting settled into our new home even after the deal was done. I have friends and coworkers who are having a tough time in this market, but thanks to Tanya, I really think we entered the market with our best foot forward.

~Theresa C.

Tanya and her partner are *amazing.* Tanya helped me get a preemptive offer accepted within 12 hours of the offer before the rest of the open houses. She went the extra mile after the sale and helped me get a contractor, a flooring specialist, painters, and anyone else I needed.

She's an expert, a consummate professional and highly effective!


A friend of mine in the real estate business referred my husband and me to Tanya when we were looking to sell our condo and to buy a new home, both in the Bay Area. We enjoyed working with Tanya and recommend her if you are looking to buy or sell a home in the Bay Area.

Tanya's a great real estate agent. She's always responsive to e-mails, texts, and phone calls -- no matter what, you know that you'll hear back from her promptly. She also has a really good sense of the Bay Area market conditions and can give you candid and realistic advice as you navigate buying or selling a home in the Bay Area. And, most importantly, she always represents your best interests and doesn't pressure you into making any decisions just so that she can earn a commission.

During the buying process, Tanya showed us several properties. When it came time to discuss the pros and cons of each property, Tanya not only allowed us to reach our own conclusions about the property but also gave us her frank opinion about property. She didn't use her opinion to push us to do something we weren't comfortable with.

When it came time to sell our home, we chose not to stage our home for open houses. Even though Tanya disagreed with our decision, she didn't let it get in the way of giving us detailed information on how to prepare our home for sale. She also connected us with professional cleaners and handymen so that our home was prepped and ready for open houses.

Ultimately, we sold our house at a good price and found a home that met our requirements and are extremely happy with the outcomes.

~Ramaah V.

As first time buyers, we had a LOT of questions. Tanya was amazing from start to finish - she was extremely patient, available at all times for questions/concerns, and helped us through every step of the process. She referred us to a great loan officer, movers, cleaners and anything else we needed. In this process, we came across many interesting realtors and would highly recommend Tanya and her knowledge and expertise to anyone!

~Seema S.

The reviews don't lie! Tanya's professionalism, hard work, and intimate knowledge of the confusing SF housing market made working with her a joy. Beyond all this, Tanya and her partner, Danielle, are incredibly well connected and it was these connections that made the difference in our eventual purchase!

Buying a house with Tanya was a fantastic experience and I would recommend her to everyone.



What can I say that the reviews haven't already said? She is as good as it gets. We had an agent but never felt quite right. We made the move to let that agent go and to work with Tanya. Best decision ever. She saved us a ton of time and money and was a great, I mean a great, negotiator. She is hyper professional and ridiculously responsive which is so nice when making such an emotional investment. She is a rock and you should work with her.

~Matt L.

Tanya is an amazing agent! She went above and beyond of what her job entailed. She is very knowledgeable and knows the best approach in various situations. My husband and I were extremely happy the way she handled our purchase and all the recommendations she gave us. She truly cares about her clients.

~Diana & Eugene Y.

We only have great things to say about Tanya. She was available and so helpful every step of the way throughout the process of buying our first home. She (and her partner Danielle) gave us realistic expectations from the beginning. She worked tirelessly to find the right place for us, only showing us listings that we would be interested in. Once we found it, she coached us and provided us with great insight to make sure we got it for the right price. Even since we closed she has kept in contact and given us awesome recommendations of painters, contractors etc. We were so impressed with her that when we look to sell this and buy another, she will definitely be our first call!

~ Scott G.

If you're going to jump in to the SF real estate market, you need to know two things. Firstly, this is unlike any other city anywhere. And no matter what, you need someone who knows their stuff. Tanya is that person. No question.

After living in the Bay area for the last 12 years, my wife and I decided this year that we were ready to buy. With what we could afford and what we wanted in a home, we knew things were going to be tough. Other brokers we talked to advised us to "adjust our expectations" but right from the first time we met her, Tanya never doubted. And she was right. We ended up in the neighborhood we wanted, with everything we said was important to us and within our budget. We feel incredibly lucky and there is no way we would be here without her.

One thing we quickly realized is that Tanya is connected to EVERYONE in the Bay area. Whether it's other brokers, mortgage specialists, contractors, insurance, you name it Tanya knows who to call and who will provide the best service. She also has an innate sense of the value of a property and most importantly, she understood what was important to us and helped to guide us.

Throughout the whole process, Tanya was nothing short of amazing. From answering all of my newbie, silly questions to being our cheerleader when we were getting discouraged, she was always there. Even though we knew she had other clients, she was always available to talk no matter when I called.

In short, I just don't think you can do any better than working with Tanya. 5 stars doesn't seem enough.

~Hugh & Yoon

I cannot recommend Tanya Dzhibrailova highly enough. She is one of the most dedicated, attentive, knowledgeable and caring professionals that I have ever met. If you are looking for an agent who will work tirelessly for you day in and day out, Tanya is your choice! She works tirelessly in this crazy San Francisco market to find you the home that you really want in the location and at the price that works.

I worked with other agents in Marin as I was looking in San Francisco and Marin at the same time, before ultimately deciding to buy in SF. During this time, I interviewed, worked with, and ultimately fired several lazy agents as they were not even in the same league as what I had come to expect from Tanya.

I spent over 6 months working almost daily with Tanya to find the home of my dreams. During this exhausting time, Tanya was never late for one meeting, never skipped out on anything, was always by my side, and always asking the right questions and pointing out the tiny details that almost everyone else would have glossed over. She has contacts in every agency and all across the city, and her professional contacts and networking skills will go a long ways to making sure that you get into the home that is facing multiple bids. In such a competitive environment, you need a fantastic and amazing team and a pile of cash, and I would highly recommend Tanya if you want to find that perfect home.

A few additional notes:
1. Tanya knows architects, contractors, and as the wife of a contractor she has an amazing eye for detail.
2. Tanya knows the prices, locations, nooks, and crannies of the city very well.
3. Tanya did more than just find us a house to buy. She found us a house that was at a great value, she counseled us wisely into not buying certain properties that would have had limited resale options and less resale value.
4. Tanya was available and on the ball on every detail along the way.
5. Tanya knows how to position you, the buyer into a good place to make a winning bid in a highly competitive market!

I cannot recommend her highly enough.

~Dr. Morgan Camp

I think that I should start out this review by saying I don't think I'm biased. Before moving to San Francisco two years ago my partner and I lived in Boston. While living in Boston we spent two years looking for a house/condo to buy but ultimately didn't buy anything - which worked out to our benefit because a new job took us to San Francisco. Because we had been looking at houses/condos in Boston we had a good idea as to what we wanted in a home. We spent two years in San Francisco and decided we should start looking to buy a house of our own. I phrase it as "looking to buy" because we had many friends who had wanted to buy but it took them two years and ten offers later to actually buy a place. We were recommended to Tanya and Danielle by friends who had used them as their realtors. But, it should be noted, that our friends had actually gone through multiple realtors and multiple disappointments before they met Tanya and Danielle. Once our friends met Tanya and Danielle they got the first house they bid on (after the two years and ten bids later of disappointment).

So here is where our journey begins. We had spent two years looking in Boston and about a year looking online in San Francisco so we knew what we wanted and we knew what we could afford. We met Tanya and Danielle on a Monday. That Friday (only a few days later) my partner and I saw the house of our dreams. The bids were due on that following Monday. Between the mortgage broker and the inspectors, Tanya and Danielle made it happen that weekend. They got an inspector in on Sunday morning at 8am. They convinced our mortgage broker (who had not completed our application) to call the seller's realtor and say we were good for the mortgage. That Monday, just one week after we met Tanya and Danielle and three days after we saw the house, we owned the house. We weren't even the highest bidders on the house but somehow Tanya and Danielle made it happen. Not only did they provide us with the house of our dreams, but they went above and beyond to make sure that we were happy. We wanted to remodel the property. They provided us with architects and contracts to interview. They showed up to the interviews of the architects and contractors and provided us with helpful feedback. They provided us with other referrals as well, flooring people, heating referrals, chimney referrals, etc. I can't imagine better service. We closed on our house almost three months ago and they still call, email, and text us to make sure everything is going okay. I would never expect so much from realtors. This post alone can't express to you how great they are. I highly recommend Tanya and Danielle. We feel lucky that we had them as realtors. I cannot imagine better service or better people to work with; you should feel lucky if they accept you as a client.

I feel that I should note we were first time home buyers, however we saved up to really buy our "forever" home. Danielle and Tanya really made sure we got our forever home. They were realistic about our budget and really made it happen. We got above and beyond what we were expecting in a home. Not only that, but they were available to us 7 days a week/ 24 hours a day with every concern we had. It was amazing! I'm a bit OCD and would have questions about properties or how certain clauses would work so I would write an email at 1am and shockingly I would get a response a few minutes later. Now, let's be clear, I don't think that is always necessary in a realtor but when you are a first time homebuyer it's pretty awesome to have your realtor giving you constant feedback when you are being OCD about a property or a contract clause.

~Courtney W.

Tanya truly is amazing! She works tirelessly for her clients and is always responsive. She really knows San Francisco real estate and knows how to advise buyers to compete in this difficult market. She advocated for us during the whole process which was instrumental in our successfully buying the home we wanted in a multiple offer situation. Use Tanya if you want to have a advantage.

~ Elizabeth & William

Tanya is AMAZING! She and her business partner Danielle Lazier were recommended to us by friends who had recently bought a gorgeous place in a prime SF location and used Tanya and Danielle as their agents. We knew that another friend had competed with FIFTY other bids to get her house, and Tanya was behind that success too. In our experience, Tanya lived up to her reputation.

Here's a timeline: On Thursday, we were put in touch with Danielle and Tanya. The following Monday we had a meeting with them to discuss whether our expectations were realistic. On Tuesday we went to our first open house. By Sunday we found a house we wanted to bid on! It was all so fast that we hemmed and hawed for a week, but when we finally made up our minds the following Thursday, Tanya stayed up till 1 in the morning helping us get our bid together! 1am! That is DEDICATION. And after some back and forth with the seller, our bid was accepted. Within two weeks of our initial email, Tanya had gotten us in contract in a ridiculously competitive seller's market. Very impressive. And then five weeks later, we closed and had keys in our hands! (The extra week of escrow was due to loan shenanigans and had nothing to do with Tanya.)

Throughout the searching process, Tanya was very up front about the market: how competetive it is, what prices are just "teaser prices" and what we can expect certain properties to go for, etc. It was very helpful and prevented us from going through the frustrating process of being outbid numerous times. And sure enough, now that those properties are closing we're seeing that the prices they went for are very close to Tanya's predictions.

Tanya was also extremely knowledgable about house construction: what to look for, what's possible, what's not, what's expensive, etc. She really talked us through the pros and cons of the properties we looked at. Things like, "To make this basement ceiling higher, you'd have to do XYZ", and "The deck with all the dryrot probably isn't permitted so if you tear it down it'll be hard to replace it", and "The smaller bedroom being off the kitchen is going to make it difficult to entertain when you have a small child". All things we wouldn't even think of. She helped us be realistic about what it would take to make a property be what we wanted, and whether that would be in our budget for a house of that price -- and whether it'd be worth our it! She never pressured us to put in a bid on a house: her #1 goal was for us to be happy with what we bought. And on that note, she was also very good at learning what our tastes are, and respecting that even if they differed from hers. She never pushed an agenda.

During the escrow process, Tanya walked us through step by step. We were first time homebuyers and needed a lot of hand-holding, and Tanya really stepped up to the job. She explained everything in detail, and helped us understand what was important and what wasn't. She did her best to reassure me when I was panicking because I'm a worrywart. She was extremely responsive whenever we would text, email, or call her with one frantic question after another. And she and Danielle referred us to a great mortgage broker (Phillip Cannon at Guarantee Mortgage), who also helped us through the arduous process of closing escrow.

Another great quality Tanya has is that she takes no shit. She will stand up for you. Whenever the seller's agent would try to pull something that was not in our interest, she would push back on our behalf and get them to agree to something more amenable. She kept track of every little detail and made sure the seller didn't forget to do anything we'd asked for. She's also good at knowing how to toe that line: when to push back, and when to reign it in to avoid having the seller back out of the contract. There were so many times during the process that I said to myself, "Relax. Tanya knows what she's doing. Tanya will take care of this."

And on top of all that, Tanya is just a nice, easy to get along with kind of person. It's clear from the outset that she has your best interests in mind and that you can trust her judgment and her advice. She clearly loves what she does and wants nothing more than for her clients to be exceedingly happy.

We actually didn't work with Danielle much (I believe she's more on the selling side of things?) but she was also great to work with. She helped us understand the SF market in our initial meeting, and would regularly send us little informational notes to help us through the process.

In conclusion: if you're looking to buy a house in SF, get in touch with Tanya and Danielle. They are the best!

~ Heather H.

My goal was to find a correct investment property that I could rent and would carry itself. At the same time, I had to find just the right place, so my wife's parents could later live in as their primary residence. Based on current low inventory market, that was a challenging task. But Tanya found just what we were looking for: condo that is close to SF, that my parents in law just love, that carries itself.

Our closing turned out to be very complicated because escrow was outsourced to India. It was 3 weeks of back and forth between Tanya, mortgage broker, lender, Title Co., escrow in India. Tons of mistakes made by outsourced escrow, identified and corrected. Dedication was beyond words.

Tanya helped drive my project to the final state by renting the place out. 2 weeks after we closed, we had tenants move in. She drove the entire process from start to finish.

Tanya was recommended by my mortgage broker.
I give Tanya 10/10 and would recommend her to anyone looking for an agent.

~ Michael K.

My husband and I came to know Tanya through the purchase of our home recently - we had bought our first with Danielle Lazier and appreciated the team approach. We ran into every possible snag along the way and Tanya was exceptional in her ability to navigate the complicated conditions and personalities of our transaction.
She is straightforward, honest and extremely responsive.
Our sale was complicated - we put in an offer from overseas and negotiated terms with a very challenging sellers agent across multiple time zones. She was always available, and kept us out of the madness!
Tanya also has useful insiders knowledge on renovation costs/feasibility -- she's done it all herself before, so knows the market from first hand experience (and a contractor husband!).
I offer Tanya our highest recommendation! She makes a stressful situation palatable.

~ Jennifer D.

As first time home buyers, my wife and I had a lot of questions, doubts and concerns about the entire home buying process. After reading all of the great reviews about Tanya on Yelp we decided to give her a call. Best decision ever.

Tanya was everything we could have asked for in an agent, she's honest, knowledgeable and she cares. She was with us every step of the way and with her experience and knowledge the entire process from looking at available homes to getting the keys to our new home went more smoothly than we could have ever imagined and all of the credit for that goes to Tanya.

We could not recommend Tanya more wholeheartedly, if we could give her 10 stars we would. You know how Apple says that they have an app for that, well Tanya has a person for that, whatever 'that' may be. Awesome, awesome agent and she truly is as good as it gets.

~ Antony & Diana G.

Tanya represented my wife and me in our search for our first home and helped us find the perfect one during a crazy sellers' market. Here's how she did it:

1. She was upfront and honest about everything. Sometimes we didn't like what we heard, but in the end we greatly appreciated her honesty because it prevented false hope and misinformation.

2. She was very knowledgeable of the housing market and she took the time to share her knowledge with us. After learning about where the market was coming from and where it was going, we were able to make more informed decisions on a variety of things.

3. She was extremely flexible with her schedule and she always tried to accomodate our schedules, despite the fact that we were generally only able to meet with her in the evening on weekdays.

4. She is reputable in the real estate world and has an excellent selection of professional contacts who were able to accomodate and respond to our needs on short notice.

5. She prepared our offers quickly and she always followed the offer submission requirements to help us be considered during the selection process.

6. She always responded to our questions promptly and in great detail and she also provided timely updates on everything that was happening at all times.

In addition to helping us find our first home, she was also able to get us a credit towards our closing costs and she saved our sale from falling through when there was an appraisal issue by renegotiating the purchase price to something both the seller and we were happy with.

Tanya isn't just another Realtor who is simply looking to make a commission off of you. She's a Realtor who genuinely cares for what you want and tries her hardest to make you happy. If you want someone who has your best interest in mind during your search for a home, you should choose Tanya for your Realtor needs. You will not be disappointed.

~ Christopher & Marie M.

Tanya helped me buy a home in a very competitive market. It really helped that a) she knows SF real estate in and out and b) (selling) agents are motivated to work with her because she has a solid reputation.

If you are serious about buying a home I highly recommend working with Tanya.

~ Mohammad S.

As a first-time home buyer facing a challenging San Francisco market, I couldn't be happier with the service I received from Tanya and Danielle. Their expertise and experience helped me navigate an almost impossible market and find a great condo in my price-range. I worked with Tanya on this transaction but knew that Danielle was tracking the progress of our search as we moved along. I so appreciated how dedicated Tanya was to finding me my home. She was incredibly knowledgable, provided sound advice and served as my rock during this stressful process. I can't imagine having worked with anyone else! I have incredibly high standards and Tanya surpassed them all. If you are looking for a team of experts that give you honest advice and incredible service -- go with Danielle and Tanya. You won't be disappointed!

~ Petra L.

UPDATE:  2 years later, my wife and I decided to sell our condo and Tanya was the obvious choice. As with the buying process, Tanya reassured us throughout the process of selling our home with her advice and deep experience.

Tanya has a sharp eye and knows what details matter when it comes to maximizing ROI.

I'm happy to say that not only did Tanya orchestrate a *quick* sale of our condo, but the sale price far exceeded our expectations.

We could not be happier!!

~ Mat & Fiona

Tanya is an incredible realtor and my husband and I feel lucky to have her by our side while we navigate this INSANE real estate market in San Francisco. Tanya knows her stuff inside and out and we have yet to find someone as knowledgeable as she is in regards to properties in the city. Tanya is incredibly hard working and her response time to any minute inquiry is lightening fast. Highly recommend Tanya at Zephyr Real Estate!

~ Andrea & Ric

All of these reviews are true! Tanya is absolutely amazing and the best partner you could ask for in buying a home in SF. I had spoken with a few other agents that I found through friends' referrals. They were flaky and once they knew my price range I felt they weren't very interested in working with me. I decided to go to Yelp and find the top-rated agent (Tanya) and give it a try. I wasn't confident that she would want to work with me due to my price range, but she gave me 100% from the first minute we spoke. Tanya is passionate about her work and truly interested in every detail of every house she looks at. She has a great network of people in SF, and has a deep understanding of the market and the real estate business. Buying a house in SF is challenging and we were frustrated along the way, but Tanya kept moving us forward. Whenever we lost a bid, she quickly moved on to the next thing and kept a positive attitude. She was straightforward and gave us clear/ honest expectations and tons of education every step of the way. She was flexible and worked around our schedules. Tanya listened to what we liked/ disliked along the way, and eventually led us to our new home. I would recommend her to anyone. She also referred us to Phillip Cannon to help us with our mortgage. I would highly recommend him as well, especially the two of them as a team. They are both dedicated and will do whatever it takes to make the deal go through.

~ Emily & Dennis

Tanya is a fantastic agent. I wrote this before i looked at the other reviews, but it seems others have had a similarly great experience. We are a family with 2 young kids. Tanya was integral in helping us get our home. She is exceptional for several reasons.

Firstly, she is extremely professional. She knows real estate and knows the markets. She framed concepts in a very professional, unbiased manner but could give opinions when asked. She was also very clear on what her role is as an agent and where she had extra knowledge, which I came to appreciate very much. Ultimately, these tough decisions on a house are very personal and she gives you the information to make those decisions. She also understands the personal side of things and takes an interest in making sure you get a good fit for your house. The fact that she is the number one seller is appropriate with her skills and demeanor.

Two, she is extremely hard-working. She would often send emails in the late after hours. She works tirelessly to help give the buyers an extra edge. Again, her experience shows as she did great homework to make sure we had the best information in order to make an offer. This went above what I thought an agent would traditionally do, which makes her so successful.

Third, she has a great network in the real estate world, probably because she is such an active agent. This helped as other agents often knew who she was and respected her. She seemed to have a good reputation for making sure her deals were solid and she was good to work with. She was also very connected with lenders and contractors to help provide advice and to work with.

Lastly, she was very kind and understanding especially when things don't always go well in the real estate deals. She was very committed to making sure our interests were met.

I would highly recommend her and her partner Danielle who does the selling side. Tanya is really a professional in her field and we are very happy that we worked with her.

~ Anthony L.

My son was eager to buy a home but was too busy with his job to do all the legwork, so I offered to find a good agent and check out some houses for him to see. I immediately signed on to Yelp and searched for a "real estate agent in San Francisco." After reading through all of Tanya's sterling reviews, I felt certain she was the one. And boy, was I ever right!

I've never had a particularly high opinion of realtors, to be honest, but Tanya has made a believer out of me. She is smart, creative, knowledgeable, resourceful, dynamic, loyal, and absolutely committed to helping her client get the right house for the right price. I have purchased several homes in my life, and never have I been so well-served. Not even close.

Tanya knows the neighborhoods like the back of her hand, and she is quick to understand exactly what you want and need in a home. Anyone as successful as Tanya has a number of clients, yet she is so attentive and responsive that you feel as if you were her only one. Or at the very least, her favorite one. Why? Because she is available, proactive, and so on top of things that you keep patting yourself on the back for having chosen to work with her in the first place.

Tanya knows all the things a buyer should look for and look out for in a house, and she makes sure that everything is on the up and up. With her, you are in good hands, and you know it. You can ask her any question at all, and if she doesn't already know the answer (which is rare), you can bet she will find it out for you sooner than you think. What's more, she will explain it to you in a way you can understand. Having Tanya for your agent takes a lot of the guesswork and anxiety out of buying a house.

Did I mention how many contacts she has? And how she will miraculously get them lined up for you right when you need them most? Or go to bat for you personally when something goes wrong? Having Tanya on your side (and boy, she is totally and completely on your side) is like having a whole battalion back you up. I don't know how she does it, but she does it...and I'm pretty sure she almost singlehandedly put a stop to some shenanigans that were underfoot in regard to my son's loan approval. Tanya made sure he ended up with the deal he was promised, and she spared no time, effort, or chutzpah to make that happen.

Best of all, Tanya manages to accomplish these wonders and still remain one of the most likable people you'll ever meet. She cares about you as an individual, and she shows that caring in everything she does...from never trying to talk you into something that might not work for you, to quickly finding new homes for you to look at when the outcome of a bid is not in your favor, to making sure you have everything her expertise can bring to bear going for you when you make the next bid. She is encouraging, insightful, honest, and thorough. And she knows her stuff.

Needless to say, we think she's great. The very best. And we thank you, Tanya, for standing by Ryan when the going got tough and making sure he got the house he wanted with the loan he was promised. We think you are the best real estate agent ever, and we have come to think of you as a friend. In fact, we hope our association with you will continue for many years to come.

Thanks again.

~ Sue and Dave (Ryan, too.)

In the competitive San Francisco real estate market you have to go with the best and Tanya and Danielle are just that!

A few months ago I faced a dilemma, I was seriously considering changing real estate agents. I had done well by my then current agents and considered them friends. However, when looking for my latest property, I started to see some red flags. It seemed that the changing SF real estate market also changed our relationship. They were continuously telling me how unrealistic my expectations were. In fact, they began what seemed to be a joint campaign to try to push me into neighborhoods that they thought were more affordable and easier for them to sell. Basically neighborhoods I didn't want to be in.

That's when I made the hard decision to start interviewing other agents. Through my search I met Danielle Lazier and Tanya Dzhibrailova from Zephyr. Not only was I impressed by their successful track record, but also was pleasantly surprised by their attitude. They were positive! They were upfront about the changing market but did not think I was being unrealistic. Where my old agents were reluctant to show me properties they deemed outside my budget, Danielle and Tanya were happy to show me any property I was interested in, because as they said, "you never know, it just may happen."

Fast forward to today. After only working three weeks with Danielle and Tanya, I am sitting in my beautiful Victorian home in the neighborhood I love! It was the first property I bid on through them and with over 200 people attending a two-day open house, it was no small feet that I ended up purchasing the property. It was all due to Danielle and Tanya's professionalism, experience, and their relationships with other agents. They are totally connected. I followed Tanya's advise to the "T" when putting in my offer. Knowing that there may be a bidding war, Tanya worked fast and in one day we pulled together a strong offer - so strong that the next morning I found out the sellers accepted my offer. I couldn't believe it. Not only did I avoid a bidding war, but I didn't over pay. It was totally within my budget.

So lesson learned, if your current agents are not listening to you and your needs, go with Danielle Lazier and Tanya Dzhibrailova. You won't be disappointed. After all, it's your money!

~ Joe G.

I found Tanya and her partner Danielle on Yelp. Being new to the Bay Area and it's intense real estate market, my husband and I wanted an agent who was very well regarded and connected in the area. Tanya and Danielle exceeded our expectations. We were looking to find something fast, and they got us into properties right after Christmas. They saved us $25K on the purchase price and Tanya was a bulldog on the seller about fixing some of the small issues on the property. Both Tanya and Danielle were always available to answer our questions, and we had lots of questions throughout the process 🙂 We completed our search for a new home in San Francisco in a little over a month. In short, I'd highly recommend them.

~ Jean & Brian

It was great to work with Tanya and Danielle. Their wisdom, competence and professionalism made all the difference in selling our San Francisco home. They have also assembled a great group of contractors who completed our remodeling projects on time and in budget. We are delighted with the outcome and can't recommend Tanya and Danielle highly enough.

~ Mike H.

Tanya and Danielle are incredible real estate agents that not only did a fantastic job in selling our condo in SF, but were some of the best professionals we have ever hired to to do anything for us.

T&D exceeded expectations along every step of the process. They ran a professional initial meeting where they set reasonable expectations for a sale price. They then managed the entire process of our getting our condo spruced up and ready for sale. They had great contractors (particularly Kevin Peng for painting and handyman work) that did good work and were cheaper than if had hired contractors ourselves. They then managed the negotiation process as well as anyone could have and we believe they really did great work on our behalf. They were also very respectful of our time and the process could not have been easier for us with T&D managing it for us.

While real estate commissions can seem high, Tanya and Danielle earned every penny and then some. We could not recommend more highly. We found T&D on Yelp ... thank you Yelp!

~ Jesse Z.

I found Danielle and Tanya through Yelp while looking for a realtor to help me buy my first home. From the initial meeting on, the both of them were nothing but professional and an absolute pleasure to work with. They took time out of their busy days whenever I had a question or concern and helped me work through one of the more stressful things I've ever done in my life.

They are absolutely on top of their game when it comes to helping you find your dream home. I was constantly kept up to date with the available inventory and was looking at homes within 2 days of contacting them. They take time out to really understand and cater to your needs. Even after closing, I was able to reach out to them with concerns over my new home and they went out of their way to help.

I'm very glad I chose Danielle and Tanya to help me with my first home. I definitely would not hesitate again to work with either of them in the future if I'm ever in the market to sell OR buy.

~ Mat K.

Tanya made for us what others could not in THIS market. I am sure, if you are trying to buy a house from the Fall of 2012 you know WHAT I am talking about. She is highly professional, skilled, has connections and very very supportive. With Tanya and her team you are in good hands!

~ E.C.

I relocated to San Francisco and came to the city for a short visit to find a place and Danielle and Tanya were with me from the beginning. I did chose them because of their reviews on Yelp, which is a big deal for a home purchase but ... - I would do it now again!

I certainly never expected San Francisco to be such a competitive market and I understood fast that I needed the right person to work with me on finding the perfect place in a very short time and Tanya could not have been more professional and efficient.

She knew every nuance of the market and understood very fast what I was looking for without wasting my or anyone's time. Within three days she found the place I wanted but considering the very competitive environment, there were many other bids on this specific property but due to her expertise she was able to provide me with the right recommendation and guidance to ensure a successful closing.
In addition, she also was ensuring that the bank as well as the other agent followed up accordingly and timely; and while it is her job, it made my life much easier and also comfortable.
Having a trustworthy, efficient, knowledgeable and diligent agent working with you does make a difference, especially as this can become a very intense relationship during the time of closing, as well as during the search and Tanya does ensure that you are aware of every step and she proactively will due her due diligence to make sure there are no surprises on anything for you.

I highly recommend Tanya and Danielle as real estate agents if you want to make sure you will be closing on the property you want. In a very competitive market like San Francisco the choice of your real estate agent might actually decide if you will have a successful closing for the property you hope for.
I got mine, in a very short time and that's really what counts. Thank you!

~ S.H.

Tanya is fantastic and I would strongly recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell a home in San Francisco. This has to be one of the world's most competitive real estate markets, and if you're not working with someone like Tanya who is deeply experienced, knowledgeable, energetic, and passionate about what she's doing, you're simply not going to succeed.

We signed on with her and Danielle through a friend's recommendation after looking for a home in San Francisco for close to two years. A few months later she'd found us our ideal home and we successfully closed.

Tanya proved herself as a strong "chief executive" on our behalf throughout the process. She answered any and every question we had, and continues to exceed expectations even after close by helpfully putting us in touch with and collaborating on all of the subsequent usual folk for painting, carpets, windows and the like.

Her negotiation skills are among the best I have ever seen. She foresees challenges in advance of making an offer, issues likely to arise during escrow, and is always looking out for her client's best interests.

Tanya and Danielle, for me, define the phrase "rock-star real estate agent". And isn't that who you deserve to work with?

~ Walter K.

Tanya was an excellent partner in my recent real estate search. It was my first home purchase in the crazy San Francisco market, and she did an excellent job sharing her experience in this market. She listened to my perspectives on what I was looking for, helped me prioritize, managed my expectations, was very responsive to my questions and concerns. She was very strategic about locating properties, assessing sellers' desires, and crafting offers that would be appealing. Once I had a contract, she remained attentive and detail oriented - ensuring that the escrow period proceeded smoothly, despite my extensive travel during a portion of it.

In the end Tanya made the house hunting, offering, and escrow processes efficient and nearly painless.

~ James S.

I first contacted Danielle in my search for an agent. I was very impressed by her responsiveness even though she was vacationing in Europe. Based on the neighborhoods I was interested in, she recommended I work with Tanya.

Tanya did an incredible job for me during the entire process from the discovery call to issues after the close. After my first home purchase 13 years ago I was leery of agents and how much they had my best interest in mind. Working with Tanya erased all those concerns. She was extremely proactive and brought up issues to think of that I would not have thought of. We had an aggressive 30 day close that involved a less than responsive lender. Tanya didn't hesitate in helping with mortgage broker issues even though she didn't have to. After the close I've actually used two of the service people she recommended and it worked out great. I would definitely recommend Tanya & Danielle to anyone.

~ Chip H.

As a first-time home buyer who wanted to move quickly in an unfamiliar (and often irrationally-priced) SF real estate market, I couldn't be happier with my experience working with Tanya. She is an outstanding professional whose expertise and integrity will make your transaction a thoroughly-informed and successful process. Some of the qualities that make her an excellent agent are:

1. Expertise. Tanya is exceptionally knowledgeable about the San Francisco real estate market; location, pricing, demographics, schools, entertainment - you name it, you will be informed about all of the above and more. Additionally, she can help you find the right people for all of the "auxiliary" steps, such as securing a mortgage (directly or through a broker), inspections, insurance, and even chimney assessments!
2. Integrity. Working with Tanya, I always felt like all of the cards were on the table at all times. She delivers on all of her promises, shares her knowledge and advice throughout the process, and always puts your interests first. If you are Tanya's client, you feel like she is fully committed to being "on your team," and you can ask her anything and get a thorough and honest answer.
3. Accessibility. This may seem trivial, but trust me - nothing is more frustrating than an agent who is not responsive or eager to help you find the perfect property. Tanya is ALWAYS responsive, punctual, and communicative, no matter what stage of the process you are in. She shares information as soon as it becomes available and her sense of urgency is exactly what you would want in someone representing your interests.
4. Effectiveness. Tanya can REALLY execute. She takes her market expertise, dedication, experience, and contacts and puts them all at your disposal. Whatever pace you set for your search, Tanya will match it and truly work WITH you to find a property, make the best offer (both in terms of your budget and market sentiment), and successfully close the deal.
5. Affability. Last, but most certainly not least, working with Tanya as an individual is a truly enjoyable experience and will make your search significantly less stressful than it may be otherwise. She is personable, approachable, blunt when you need an honest opinion, and, above all, dedicated to helping you find a property you will truly love.

As someone who has very high standards for people representing my interests, I can honestly recommend Tanya to anyone looking to make sense of the SF market, find the right property, and carry out the offer and closing processes in the most painless and efficient manner. If you're looking for the best teammate in your home search process - Tanya is the absolute right choice.

~ Anna A.

The reviews don't lie, Tanya really is phenomenal! I can't believe that in this market, she was able to help me find and close on a home within only a few months. Since I was a first-time home buyer, Tanya took the time to understand what I was looking for and explain the whole process thoroughly. From the first time we met, I could tell that her experience was invaluable, and I always felt secure that I was getting the best help possible. I was looking for a condo in Daly City and the Peninsula, and not only did she know everything about the area and the different communities, but also a ton about building construction and developments down to the smallest details.

Tanya was extremely accommodating, and was able to meet with me both in the evenings and on weekends to show me properties. She was always available and extremely responsive via phone, text, and email, which I really appreciated. Tanya is very persistent when it matters most, and works really hard to advocate on your behalf. She is honest and very straightforward, and will keep your best interest in mind. If something was not ideal about a property, she was the first one to point it out, and really helped me weigh the pros and cons of every option. I always felt like I had the best representation in the business, and I don't think my dream home could have happened without her help!

~ Alex Z.

Add us to the list of Tanya's biggest fans! We were long time renters and finally decided to take the plunge. It's not for the faint of heart, and it's a wild and crazy ride. Tanya is a MASTER at guiding you through the process and will advocate for you like you're her own flesh and blood. She is very responsive and available, and I never had to wait for a response. She is straightforward in telling you what the market is like, and what you need to do to find and buy your dream home. She will give you tons of advice when shopping and point out all kinds of details that you never considered. I am so grateful that we had her in our corner, and I am certain that this home purchase would not have happened without her. Let me tell you- choosing your realtor in SF is about the most crucial decision you can make. I had no idea until I dove in, how stressful and confusing it can be. This is more important than finding the right dentist, doctor or wedding planner. Don't even consider anyone else. She is the BEST!

~ Alisha & Sharon

The reviews speak for themselves. Pick Tanya, duh.

In the insane real estate market of San Francisco, it takes someone like Tanya and her team to get the job done. She always has your best interests in mind. Extremely knowledgeable and experienced. She got to know me and within 3 weeks, in a VERY competitive seller's market, I bought the exact home I wanted.

All along I knew I was in good hands. She is very prompt, valued my time, kept me up to speed, not pushy, and is privy to pre-market listings. Tanya is also aggressive at just the right times and will fight for you to seal the deal.

Every piece of advice she gave was spot-on. Whether it be the price a listing will end up going for, what to expect at every stage, who to chose as your mortgage broker, or whether a home will be favorable to the next buyer, trust her -- she knows what she is talking about. If you are skeptical at first, you'll be convinced after you see her get things right time and time again.

Tanya is also very well-connected. When you've got 7 people making an offer on the same place with multiple offers 10% over market (like I did!), it helps to have someone on your side with whom other realtors are eager to work with.

Overall, a great experience. She brought ease and joy to a process that can be frustrating and overwhelming if you are working with the wrong realtor. Professional, personable, and smart.

Thanks Tanya!

~ Ali. S

Tanya and Danielle are an amazing team. I was referred to them by my cousin. I had been looking for a house in the city for about 2 years. They were my 4th real estate team. I think I struck gold. They will get you in to a home if you listen to their sage advice. I was working with them for less than two weeks we looked at 3 houses bid on one and I got it. If you are ready to buy and want honest advice about what you can and can't afford and are ready to make a move Tanya and Danielle are your gals!!! They really know the market. The aftercare has been good as well with excellent referrals for contractors to structural engineers. When they say they want to be your real estate team for life they mean it and so far I think they deserve it!!!

~ Orchid S.

Well, lots of other reviewers have said it already, but here it is again: Tanya is AMAZING. This was my first experience buying a home, and it could have been totally overwhelming. The San Francisco market can be tough, but we had a great experience.

There were so many components to how hard Tanya worked to get us into a good place, but here's the highlight reel for you:

-She cares first and foremost about finding you a spot you love, and that's her major agenda. Nothing hidden, no games.
-She is aggressive when it helps her clients, but very respectful and patient when it matters most. She tolerated a lot of changing criteria from us with grace and kindness. It was very much appreciated, as we were totally green and a little skittish.
-She can find little tiny imperfections with a property that other agents miss, and every time she spotted one, it turned out to be a total deal-breaker. She noticed little inconsistencies in paperwork, or a little spot on a garage floor here or there, and checked them out so we didn't have to. It's great to have someone else worry about those thing for you.
-She has a great eye for value. We wanted to make sure our purchase would not only be somewhere we'd be happy, but also a good investment. She made sure we made a good, sound decision, and was very honest about what options we might have in the future.
-She has a ton of connections and will not hesitate to call in one of the many contractors, inspectors, or city officials if it will help her clients with a property. This ended up making a huge difference for us, more than once.
-She has a ton of integrity. This is the biggest thing for me, and I was consistently impressed by how honest and direct she is.

Overall, Tanya took amazing care of us. We stayed late at the office some nights, and she was incredibly flexible about showing properties in the evenings, or early in the morning. I cannot recommend her highly enough, and have nothing but gratitude for how smoothly everything went for us.

~ Dana M.

My wife and I were about to celebrate our first wedding anniversary when we started to get "serious" again about looking for a house. Tanya was recommended by Phillip Cannon, a mortgage broker I found on Yelp.

Tanya was tireless in helping us find a house, often meeting with us in the evenings to show homes in Daly City and Pacifica. One Friday evening, she showed us five properties (!) all after 6:00 pm so that we could spend the weekend celebrating our anniversary.

We figured the search process would take a while, but within two weeks (maybe less) we found our home, made an offer, and got our offer accepted thanks to Tanya's fantastic advice.

Tanya isn't just there to open doors for you. She knows her markets, is up-front about real costs (our 'hoods were under-pricing to start bidding battles), and is super educated about the process. We didn't know much going into the buying process but felt comfortable the whole time. As well, Tanya has a great network of contacts to help with home inspections, electrical work, flooring, etc. It's easy to find a bunch of idiots if you look in the wrong places, but everyone Tanya recommended was surprisingly on-the-ball and did good work.

~ Mark & Mariel

I've enjoyed my rent-controlled apartment for nearly 19 years in the coveted Mission Dolores neighborhood. However, renting was beginning to lose its charm despite an enviable location. So despite the daunting numbers my financial adviser gave me year after year, I started to ask friends for references and read pages of Yelp reviews for agents who know the Mission. Down to a short list of three agents, I contacted Danielle and within the hour I received a callback (unexpected on a Friday evening mid-April) to discuss my needs; questions; and eventually, to set up a meeting.

My criteria was fairly limiting by most standards (move within 2-3 blocks with a low range) but Danielle and Tanya took on my search with the fair warning that it wasn't impossible, but could be difficult with such great rates and low inventory. Tanya quickly contacted me with an off-market unit that eventually fell through (things happen for a reason) but it gave me a taste of what to expect and how quickly everything moves.

I went to a total of 10 open houses and for the last and final one, Tanya was with me at the open house for almost two hours looking at the quality of the remodel and if there could be any foreseeable issues should this be the one. We made the offer and with several other bids in: she worked with me over the next few days, staying in contact with the seller's agent to get a counter offer in and keeping me posted enough to know we were in the running.

Throughout the process, Danielle checked in to encourage feedback and offered additional assistance and resources. Tanya ran with all the details keeping us ahead if not on target, while educating me, and towards the end, providing some therapy when I hit a few bumps with the process. I ended up with: a smaller association (bonus) and almost everything on my wish list--not at all what I was expecting.

In just under three months, in a tough buyer's market and a small search area, I have a new home!

Thank you to the Zephyr team for making it all happen!

~ Lori H.

Tanya is super awesome! We had her for our first house purchase. She is very knowledgeable in every way! My advice is just follow what she said!!!! Her network is amazing! Mortgagee broker, Painter, Locksmith, Floor guy, Contractors you just ask them! We really appreciated for all of her help. She showed all the houses on the market and off the market for us and got back to us so quickly every time we had questions. The whole process was surprisingly smooth than we expected because she had our back in every step. We have moved to our home last week and we love it!!! Thank you, Tanya!!!!

~ Jenny Y.

Tanya will help you jump all the loops necessary to get a house in this crazy market.
She has the knowledge and the stamina to keep the ball rolling and won't let go until you get your dream home.

~ Francisco R.

My Fiancé and I are only a few months away from our "I do's", and recently decided to take advantage of the amazing rates and buy a home to raise our future family ( As if our lives were not stressful enough with just planning a wedding!!) .

Without Tanya helping us out we would have never ever found a house that met both our needs. Tanya really listened to what we both wanted out of a home and found us our dream house. We are so thankful to have had her during our journey to home ownership!!!!

I truly have never seen another realtor work as hard as she did to make this process an enjoyable experience for us. She was always available when we had questions and set realistic timelines so we were never left guessing where we were in the process. Tanya even helped us find a renter for our current place!!!

Tanya will always be the person we recommend to our friends, and we are sure you will feel the same.


~ Roxanne & Gavin Licht

As soon as you have made the decision that Tanya will be your real estate agent, she will become your best friend with your best interest at heart. My husband and I just found, bought, and sealed the deal of our dream home and we could not have done it without Tanya. We are first-time home buyers and not familiar with any aspect of it. With Tanya it became easy and worry-free. She always made herself available to us, she is a few steps ahead of everyone else - including the competition - and is experienced and well-connected. If you are thinking of buying or selling property your best first "move" is to contact Tanya. She will be the driving force behind your real estate deal. She will make it happen. Thank you Tanya for helping us find our dream house, our forever home!

~ Iris B.

This is a long over due review for Tanya and Danielle, real estate extraordinaires and all round great people.

Flash back to Aug 2011, my wife and I just had a nasty surprise of a 40% rent increase in our SOMA apartment. Having spent months hunting around for a new place and eventually, having to suck up the rent increase in the short term, we happened to come over a free "first time buyers" presentation from redfin (pretty good as an introduction). This kicked off an idea that maybe it was time to buy our first place and pay rent to a bank instead of a landlord and so we tottered off and started to look around a few open houses at the weekend, eventually deciding that this was for us and that we had even seen a place that would even merit putting in an offer for.

This is where Danille and Tanya came in. We were looking in the noe valley area to buy - very competitive market and being British (we have estate agents and a completely different process), we didn't fancy attempting to do this on our own. Why not stick with redfin you ask? Whilst the main benefit of this site was that it gave you back half the commission for the buyers agent and they have good agents in SF, we preferred to go with someone that could dedicate more time to us and it was very much the right decision. Danielle and Tanya were our top picks based on a deep dive on yelp reviews and google searching.

We initially met with the pair in Noe Valley offices to see if we were a good match or not. The wife and I came away very happy that this was the right partnership for our first home purchase and left them with an apartment that we'd looked at already for a follow up. The relationship works that Danielle handles most of the selling and Tanya, the buyers - I think we'd originally contacted Danielle because she had a blog (http://sfhotlist.com/) and an obvious email address, but we had read up on this arrangement already and getting "2 for 1" seemed like a very attractive deal.

After the first offer was not accepted (we moved on the place we saw originally - the apartment went on to sell well under our already 'low' offer), we kept up with our open house search using the lists supplied by Tanya - whilst we found a good deal of properties ourselves using various online mapping MLS sites, the realtors list always seemed to have a few that we had missed on it. During this event, we stumbled over a detached house and fell in love straight away. On the very same day (sunday), we spoke with Tanja who called up the other selling realtor and had an offer put in straight away - not only were we the first, but we got the house as well because of this ;0)

The problem with this purchase was that it was roughly 50% higher than we had planned to buy at and we therefore had a different deposit to purchase price ratio all of a sudden. When our offer was accepted and we had to close on the mortgage, the trouble started. First attempt at a mortgage was with Wells Fargo (our bank at the time) and it turned into a huge farce ending up at 18 days into our 30 contingencies with no financing and total panic. Tanya stepped in and helped push us through Matthew Carson (at First Capital Group - http://www.fcgmortgage... ) who was a absolute gentleman / star and whilst we were happy with the terms, he actually advised us to use Steve Rinehart and First Republic who could close is super fast time with great terms as well. Steve pulled it off (another great professional that we met on this journey) and to cut a long story short, we got the house - couldn't have done it without Tanya's contacts, patience and experience.

After all was done, I couldn't tell you anything about the reams of paper work I signed, the contacts for insurance and services (that we used as they were the best in service and price) and the prompt response to emails (both carry blackberries) and the working at w/es to jump on the open houses.

Highly recommended - you won't regret it.

~ Nick L.

Tanya, and Danielle her business partner, are fantastic - they helped me purchase my first house in SF, despite intense competition in the areas I was looking and a really low housing inventory.

Tanya's easy to work with, very responsive and super knowledgable about the local market and the details of particular houses. She's also a great negotiator and very familiar with the bid process - able to advise well on what you need to do to win and when something isn't worth it. Even following the purchase she's been available to make referrals and offer advice for contractors and other housing services.

Overall, I can't recommend her highly enough and would absolutely suggest working with her.

~ Leah J.

By far she is the best Realtor in this city.

~ Deborah M.

Working with Tanya was a great experience. Our business with Tanya was not your typical, "happy go lucky" purchase and sale. My father had recently passed and myself, my brother, and my aunt had some very difficult and emotional decisions to make reguarding his estate. Within the first half hour of meeting her we felt very confident that she would be the realtor for us. She had a vision of the maximum potential for the property , and she perfectly orchestrated all of the steps that were necessary to make the home a show piece. Tanya and her contacts were impecable, whether it was the quality of the work , or the timely manner in which it was completed. Personally, Tanya eludes a certain kind of ora that is likeable, knowledgeable, and confident. She comes highly recommended and is the only realtor that I will use.

With great respect and thanks.

~ David & Angel C.

Tanya helped me find a great condo in Eureka Valley in a record short time.

She immediately understood my taste and my needs, where I could be flexible and where not. She wasted none of our time, the places I've visited with her were all either in line with what I wanted or great examples that helped me answer some open questions.

And then one day she calls to say that she found this great place that's going to be upgraded a bit before it'll hit the market. Perfect for me, as I wanted to remodel myself and so we went to see it early, came up with a strategy for the offer and got it!

Tanya not only organized all the inspections, but also brought in some contractors to get some early bids for the model so I could start away after closing!

Tanya knows the market, gets your needs and will negotiate a great deal for you!

~ Bernhard S.

As first time home buyers, we were quite wary of the home buying process. Danielle was amazing and made the process smooth and easy! First, Danielle works with a partner, Tanya. Danielle specializes in helping people to sell homes while Tanya focuses on helping people to purchase homes. While Danielle seemed to be the lead partner, because we were buying a home, most of our interaction was with Tanya.

Nevertheless, our interactions with Danielle were all fantastic! Before our first meeting with her, she gave us "homework" and encouraged us to get pre-approved for a loan and to discuss any financing questions with our mortgage broker. This was a brilliant move because it allowed us to learn about the home-buying process in an efficient way and allowed us to have a realistic expectation of what properties we could afford before we officially even started our search for a home.

Next, we met Danielle in person. She was kind enough to meet us on a weekend (to accommodate our schedules). At the first meeting, she reviewed our expectations and our reasons for wanting a home to make sure that she could appropriately focus her efforts. A few days later, she sent us a letter in the mail and it was clear that she had listened attentively to what we had discussed during our meeting with her.

Next, she introduced us to her partner, Tanya. Throughout the home buying process, even though we were working primarily with Tanya, Danielle would consistently check in with us via e-mail to make sure the process was going well and that we were happy with how things were going. She sent us an e-mail to ask if there was anything that could be done better -- who does that? That was awesome! She also sent us e-mails throughout the process: when we were first considering writing an offer, when we actually wrote an offer, when our offer was accepted, during escrow, when we closed, and even sent us moving tips and contacts after we closed!

Danielle was so warm and thoughtful that it's obvious after working with her why we wouldn't think of working with anyone else when it eventually comes time to sell our home.

Since we were buyers, we spent most of our time working with Tanya. First, Tanya's husband is a contractor and she is incredibly in touch with what would (or wouldn't) be possible if you're interested in renovating a place. Second, she has an impeccable sense of the real estate market -- there were a few houses that we were interested in but weren't sure the listed price reflected the true value of the place. In every case, Tanya told us what she thought the place was should go for and in every case, she was within only a few thousand dollars of the actual selling price! Tanya is also incredibly good about maintaining good relationships with other real estate agents. This allowed her to discuss details with the selling agent and gain as much information about a property as possible. Finally, Tanya advised us while we were writing our offer; she helped to selecting our offer price and suggested changes to our conditions that allowed us to get the first property we made an offer on!

Overall, we were very pleased with our home-buying process!

~ Isabella P.

Tanya is fantastic. If you're looking to buy or sell property, ask for her.

We've worked with many real estate agents in the past and our experience with Tanya was excellent. She is knowledgeable about all the SF neighborhoods and quickly understood what we were looking for. She remembered every detail about what we saw, what we liked and disliked, everything. We felt like we were her only client, which was not the case.

We also appreciated her integrity. She gave her honest opinion and we never thought she was trying to push us in one direction or another. Another thing that impressed me was her open-mindedness when it came to subcontractors. She has an extensive network of contacts for inspections, mortgages, insurance, construction, etc., to which I'm sure she is loyal but when we brought in our own people, she was collecting business cards and "interviewing" them alongside us for her network. I believe her to naturally be someone who just enjoys helping people. She just wanted us to be happy.

Most of all though - Tanya is just an absolute MACHINE when it comes to servicing her clients. We were thoroughly impressed with her. When we wanted to see a house, she would set it up instantly. When we needed documentation, she found a way to get it to us sometimes in a matter of minutes. In my opinion, every business is a customer service business and Tanya just gets it. We would absolutely use her again and we recommend all of our friends use her for real estate matters.

~ Brian W.


This is exactly what you need to know about Tanya:

1. She will find you your dream house!

2. She will always tell you the truth no matter what!

3. She always has a positive attitude and will always fight for the interest of her clients!

4. She has more connections in San Francisco than the Mayor!

5. She will always make time for your questions or concerns.

6. She LOVES her job!


Tanya helped me buy my first home. Before I began my search, I had little to no experience and knowledge in real estate. She not only found me exactly what I was looking for, but educated me during the whole home purchasing process. I never learned so much important information in such a short period of time (she is better than a university course). She was always available to talk to and made sure I was comfortable every step of the way when buying my place. What can I say, Tanya is AMAZING!! If I could give her a trillion stars I would, because she deserves every one of them. She was absolutely brilliant when it came to finding my first home. She is now a friend and my lifelong agent.

~ Chuck S.

I recently purchased a house in San Francisco (Bernal Heights) and want to let people know that Tanya is just great. I started working with Tanya through Danielle Lazier at Zephyr realty. Tanya and Danielle work together as a team; however, I spent most of my interacting with Tanya during my successful house search and purchase. Tanya has outstanding knowledge of the local area and is pretty plugged in to what's going on in San Francisco. When you're looking in a ridiculous market like SF, that knowledge is important. I was really impressed with Tanya's ability to judge the quality of the properties we looked at. Her husband is a contractor so she sees a lot of work and knows when work has been done on the cheap or done in a quality way. When you have a realtor with an eye like that, it gives you a sense of confidence and comfort when you start making decisions. When it came to making an offer, Tanya was a great negotiator on my behalf. Because she's on top of what's happening in the market, she knows what a fair price would be and at the end of the day, we ended up with a pretty darn good deal. When it came to closing, Tanya's work continued to impress. She was proactively taking care of all the behind the scenes work, working with my mortgage broker, working with the seller's agent, taking care of setting up inspections, tracking down documentation, title stuff... all those things that you need to close... and all with an end result of me successfully buying a home with almost no glitches in one of the toughest real estate markets in the country

~ Rally P.

I don't want to be accused of piling on - I agree with all the other comments the raters have given Tanya. Probably the two best traits she had as our buying agent were flexibility (always answers phone, texts) and thoroughness. She talked us off the ledge several times and we are not first time buyers!

The second major asset Tanya has in Danielle, her Business Partner. If you are upgrading homes (selling and buying) Tanya handles the buy and Danielle handles the sell. They worked great as a team and selling through Danielle was as efficient and rewarding as buying with Tanya.

~ Brett B.

Tanya is AWESOME!!!

We did not have very good luck with our first realtor and lost a house we totally should have gotten and could have outbid if we had been properly informed. This person was new to the area too and had zero connections, zero knowledge of the neighborhoods we were looking in, just clueless.

In comes TANYA and her wonderful team. They took the time to really get to know my husband and me, show us our options and then just get completely hands on and tote us around the city. I loved the clean http://offer.com portal they use, it made searching for places a snap (goodbye, Trulia!). The second we saw a place that looked interested, Tanya jumped on it and arranged a visit almost instantly.

Besides her many years of experience in the real estate world and her fighter-attitude, Tanya also has many connections around the city. I felt like she knew everyone at each Open House we stopped by. This is KEY in a pretty tough dog-eats-dog market.

I am happy to say we are living in a 3-bedroom place of our dreams, with every last non-negotiable we were looking for. She really advocated for us and walked us every step of the way. We couldn't be more thrilled with our new home.


~ Jennifer K.

I'd like to give the highest recommendation to Tanya and her team at Zephyr, see her partner Danielle Lazier also on yelp.
I had such a smooth experience in selling my house, half way into it I thought "Is it supposed to be this easy?"

We put our house back in the market after almost 2 year. We had a not so pleasant experience in 2010 trying to sell our house. We were very selective in hiring the next agent to work with. After 5 interviews with realtors in the area, we selected Tanya & Danielle based on their track record and their straight forward attitude. They weren't there to set unreal expectations. They had all the market analysis and really knew their business.

To just bullet point our experience:

* They kept to our budget on staging and making over our house
* They helped to find amazing handyman/painter that fit in our budget. It made our house look completely new
* Received over 5 offers after only 1 open house! Generated 300 people to our place.
* Received a very satisfying offer and closed in less than 30 days!
* Tanya was an amazing negotiator in getting us the best offer and 3 back up offers!
* Tanya and team were there every step of the way tracking every document to make sure buyers closed on time

I highly recommend Tanya and team if you are ever considering selling or buying a house in San Francisco. Honestly Tanya and team made our experience so easy and stress free it really was a completely different experience this time around.

~ Susan Y.

All I can say is Rock Star! Tanya had me in the house I wanted in less than 30 days. Being new to the area It was great working with someone like tanya who really is dialed in and very good at what she does. We initially spoke on the phone on a thursday, met up on a saturday where she took me around to look at properties in my price range and also gave me some additional listings for surrounding neighborhoods.

That sunday I went and looked at a house that I was interested in, we made the offer monday and got accepted by wednesday. It was great, when it came time to do inspection tanya had all the resources and to go above and beyond had 5 different roofers come out to give an estimate. That eventually resulted in a credit from the seller and I got a great price on a new roof. She even helped coordinate with my bank and escrow company to get me through that process.

All I can say is your in really good hands with tanya and her partner danielle, and I cant thank them enough for all their help!

~ Salvatore C.

I was in search for a condo when a grate thing have happened to me I met Tanya. She was very understanding in what my need are and was very patient in what I want for a very limited funds I had. Now I'm living in a grate condo! She not only found the right place for me, she also helped me with all the other issues that have come up during the process that she did not had to do. She was grate agent and very knowledgeable at what she does. Even now we have finished the transaction I can always call her with any questions that arise and she is very kind to help me with anything she can. I would highly recommend her to anyone who need a great place for a grate price!!!!! Good job!!!

~ Marina G.

We just closed on a condo in downtown San Francisco and were the beneficiaries of Tanya's 5 Star service as the buyer's agent.

I would vehemently echo the same sentiments mentioned by fellow Yelp posters when it comes to responsiveness, being a client advocate, her professionalism and going above and beyond the call of duty in exceeding our expectations.

Ours was a tough transaction which took a full 4 months to close from the time we signed the first offer. Tanya was patient and persistent right through in educating us about the process, giving us counsel on the best options, connecting us with her network of professionals including the lender and insurance agent and closing the deal. She did this all for us remotely as we are based in Southern California.

We were referred to Tanya by my niece a fellow 5 star recommender on this board and would in turrn recommend her without hesitation or reservations.

~ Shankar & Priya

We just closed on a condo in downtown San Francisco and were the beneficiaries of Tanya's 5 Star service as the buyer's agent.

I would vehemently echo the same sentiments mentioned by fellow Yelp posters when it comes to responsiveness, being a client advocate, her professionalism and going above and beyond the call of duty in exceeding our expectations.

Ours was a tough transaction which took a full 4 months to close from the time we signed the first offer. Tanya was patient and persistent right through in educating us about the process, giving us counsel on the best options, connecting us with her network of professionals including the lender and insurance agent and closing the deal. She did this all for us remotely as we are based in Southern California.

We were referred to Tanya by my niece a fellow 5 star recommender on this board and would in turrn recommend her without hesitation or reservations.

~ Shankar & Priya

Tanya and her partner Danielle are amazing! They are incredibly professional and know the SF real estate incredibly well. I could not imagine having a better experience working with any other agents. Aside from their expertise, they are phenomenally attentive and make buying a home as easy as possible. They respond to calls / emails almost instantly at any time of day and they do all the tough behind the scenes work pre and post offer.

I worked primarily with Tanya. I had a particularly complicated house-hunting situation because I was living abroad and searching from houses from afar and then viewing as many as I could whenever I was in town. Tanya was very thorough in getting a true sense of what I was looking for, and then narrowed down a list of great properties to visit whenever I was in town. Tanya would never try to push anyone into a decision and is very honest and transparent about characteristics like quality, price, neighborhood, etc. Tanya was also a whiz with being able to calculate the realistic price something would sell for, the strength of an offer, etc.

After making an offer on a place, Tanya is a tremendous advocate. She will do everything possible to ensure that the deal closes on favorable terms. She also goes way above and beyond in scheduling all inspections, getting estimates on any repairs, connecting you with mortgage brokers, banks, etc. I had complications in the process with one bank that could have caused the deal to fall apart, but Tanya quickly helped me transition to working with another bank and made sure everything stayed on track.

After closing, Tanya has been a lifesaver by helping me find various people to repair minor things around the house. This has been essential as I have been in the process of moving back to SF, and she saved me hours of phone calls. Aside from being an expert on the SF real estate market, she also is very knowledgeable about home repair and has connections that she can refer to fix anything.

I cannot say enough great things about Tanya. I would recommend her without hesitation!

~ John P.

We feel so fortunate to have found such an amazing realtor in Tanya. The inventory was pretty dismal at the time we were buying and Tanya recommended a place we hadn't even seen online. It was beyond our expectations and I know we would not have gotten it without all of Tanya's hard work and professionalism.

She guided us effortlessly through the process and we felt shielded from the frustrating/tense part of the negotiations. She was readily available and extremely quick to respond to our questions and concerns seven days a week at any hour.

She was also has great connections to contractors in the city, who have also been a delight to work with.

I wouldn't hesitate recommending Tanya to friends, she was a dream to work with.
Thank you!!

~ Susan S.

Tanya was an excellent real estate agent and worked with us to get the house we wanted. Thanks.

~ Randy M.

I can't say enough great things about working with Tanya. She turned a process that I was dreading into something very simple. I have to admit that I didn't start with a good understanding of what I was looking for in terms of neighborhoods, amenities, etc. And even though I was only looking for a small 1br condo, Tanya was always accessible, she accommodated my work schedule, and she really took the time to help me narrow my search. Ultimately, she helped me find the perfect place. It's been more than six months since I moved into my place, and I have no doubts that I made the right purchase. On top of everything, Tanya still follows up with me to make sure everything is going well. I would not hesitate to recommend her to my friends and family.

~ Naoki K.

Tanya was recommended by a very close friend who I've none for over 30 years. My brother and I had a house left to us by my late father, which we had listed once before but never had any offers to speak of. We just keep paying the mortgage till we decided to list it again. We thought we would try a new approach so we gave Tanya a call she came to the house and meet with us during the moving out stage and she made a few recommendations. We felt very comfortable with her professional and caring knowledge. We said you do what ever you think is right and will bring in the best buyers. We were already painting, she had her floor and staging associates come in and in no time we had offers before the 1st open house. Tanya is a professional well rounded in Real Estate and construction. I feel that she handle our Estate as if we were family I don't believe she thinks of her clients as just another sale I will recommend her to everyone.

Thank You So Much!

~ Greg A.